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Media - by - July 30, 2007 - 15:34 Etc/GMT+5 - Be first to Comment!

Sometimes it is okay to question why

Do you ever see something and wonder “Why did they do it that way?” “Why is that there?”
I am convinced that one way we can improve our ministry is by always being on the lookout for the “WHY?” and seeking out the answer. Sometimes you might find out there is a good reason for something: “WHY are there big plants under the projection screen?”…. well, they are there to weight down the legs and keep the screen from falling over, and to hide the bright shiny legs of the screen.
Other times you might find something that needs to be fixed and just hasn’t been touched yet: “WHY are there mic cables taped to the back wall of the sanctuary?”… well, they are for the audience mics, but they really need hooked up in the ceiling.
But here is where it helps. Sometimes you will find things that “have always been done that way” or something that could be better or is not suppose to be: “WHY are the mic stands spilling out from ‘backstage’ all the time?”…. probably because there is stuff not put away where they go? “Why do we have to hide the technical equipment with flowers?”…. because we always have?

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