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Getting and Training Media Volunteers

Excellence in the Arts - by - March 24, 2009 - 00:05 Etc/GMT+5 - Be first to Comment!

Do you have a pre-screening type of method? In the past we have taken anyone who has been willing to volunteer. This has given us poor results. We found that willing does not mean capable even after training has been given. Seems the recruits need to possess certain natural abilities. More than willingness, faithfulness is very important. Musical ability is very helpful. The best screening that I have found is to recruit for several positions (sound, projection and setup/tear down crew for example), then as you work with the people find where they will fit best. If one has good ears and good technical chops and always show up, it’s a soundtech. Another is extremely faithful but hard of hearing, projection. A third is strong and reliable…. a perfect help for the setup crew. Once we have a group who has responded to recruiting efforts, we have a better indication of what type of training would suit our group.

We just did a recruitment drive at High Pointe this winter. We placed the following in the bulletin:


It was an honor and a privilege for the Media Team to serve our Lord through the Christmas Musical and we would like to extend an invitation to anyone who is interested in serving.

We are looking for additional assistance so we can continue to expand the resources and services we offer to our church body and to the world. Along with our Sunday services and the behind-the-scene opportunities, we are also looking for those who can serve at various times throughout the week to create, prepare and distribute content. No special skills are required, just a willingness to serve and a desire to help spread the gospel.

If you are interested in learning more, e-mail us at MediaMinistry@hpbcglobal.org and plan to attend our

Media Ministry Workshop and Training Retreat, January 9-11

More information is also available on our website at www.soundbooth.org.


The presentation from Jan 9-11 Training was recorded. Jeff gave an outline of what happens in a week in Media Ministry, then gave descriptions of each of the media areas. This enabled a team to discuss with volunteers the various commitments and where they would be a good fit. There are a couple who will be helping us doing the week with mid-week stuff (like duplicating), others might end up helping with the services. My goal was 2 new people, I think we ended up with 5.

Technical ability has little to do with most of the job and that can be trained if they are willing to learn. But commitment, faithfulness, reliability and a somewhat musical ear cannot be trained, and are necessary to serve in this ministry.

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