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Excellence in the Arts, missional lifestyle - by - July 31, 2007 - 15:41 Etc/GMT+5 - Be first to Comment!

Shaping your audience’s experience
POV or Point of View – the way or direction that something is seen. We often refer to POV as a camera shot or the way something is written, but have you ever considered the way you present our services effect the way people see our church, our media, and even the way people see God?
So how do we shape our audience’s experience?
Video (web/dvd): What do we show? What don’t we show? If all we show is a closeup picture of our pastor, what does the viewer know about the atmosphere or setting? How many people are there – is the room empty? Is it all fake and green screen on a soundstage?
Sunday Services: What areas of the room should have light? What areas should be dark? What should be show on the screen so you can see better? When should the media be a distraction? When should there be no media?
Website: How many times have you visited a businesses website and found out their website is nothing like their business? Maybe they look like a huge company on the web, but then when you call to talk to them you find out it is really some 18yo kid in his bedroom running this thing?
As the media team, it is our goal to accurately portray our church, our services and our God as we help distribute His Word to as many people as possible.

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