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Show or Worship?

Media - by - August 27, 2007 - 22:39 Etc/GMT+5 - Be first to Comment!

It’s About the Heart
Stage Lights, Sets, Sound Systems, Bumper Videos – All elements of our worship… or are they elements of a staged show? As the sub-heading above alludes too, the difference often comes down to the attitude of the heart.

Now as a media director, I hate it when someone implies that we put on shows or entertain people. But when you look at it from their viewpoint, you realize that it may have been just a show for them. I serve as a spiritual act of worship – my worship involves art, various media formats and the tools that allow me to create environments and enhance worship. As we worship as the church; my worship, the musicians’ worship, the singers’ worship, the pastors’ worship, the ushers’ worship – they all come together to form corporate worship. Yet, if one who is not saved is in the midst of the congregation, to them it is just music, just a story, just a show or a performance. The difference is each of our hearts.

The really cool part of this whole performance (or is it worship?) is that Jesus can use our worship (or even our performance) to open the heart of stone, bring that person to repentance, and turn their performance into worship.

The sad part is that often we as Christians can slip into the performance mode. Each week as we enter into corporate worship, we must check our hearts, check our motives and make sure we are focusing on worshiping Jesus, not a picture perfect performance. If the Holy Spirit convicts us, showing us that we are not worshiping, we must repent, turning away from performing, turning towards Jesus and let our works worship Him.

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