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Media - by - September 18, 2007 - 00:16 Etc/GMT+5 - Be first to Comment!

the making of the ministry

I was talking with Greg (not his real name) after the service Sunday morning when I mentioned the media team’s need for help on Wednesday evenings during work night. Greg looked at me and said “You mean y’all work up here during the week also?”

Greg’s response is not uncommon. I often find people are surprised by the amount of time and effort that goes into the media ministry during the week. Without this weekly work many parts of our weekend services would be different or not happen at all. Many people have never stopped to think about what is required to create the elements of the service and how they come together, it just happens (which means there is no distraction.)

I thought I would list out here what goes on during the week, just to document it in one place. I quickly realized I do not have the space to capture it all, so here is an abbreviated list:

  • Last week’s media & Notes on the website & podcast, including editing, encoding and publishing. Average 18 hours, 4 people.
  • Newsletters, Crew Schedules, website updates, resources (supplies) and calendars. Average time 10 hours, 3 people.
  • Preparation of songs, sermon notes, announcements, bumpers, countdowns, thirds, tech-sheets, media labels and other service media. Average 12 hours, 5 people.
  • Setup, Shoot, Cleanup, Edit a testimony video (Baptism or New member). Average 16 hours, 5 people.
  • Cleanup, maintenance and repair of equipment and spaces. Average 20 hours, 8 people.

So an “Average” weekend service requires about 76 man hours of preparation work from the media team, not including the long term projects and responsibilities not directly related to the services such as computers, building maintenance or installing new equipment.

Next time Greg or someone else mentions they would like to help, but they don’t have any time on Sunday, point them to this list and let them know we can use their help anytime, not just on Sunday.

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