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In but Different

missional lifestyle, the City - by - September 26, 2007 - 01:25 Etc/GMT+5 - Be first to Comment!

Listening to a Tim Keller teaching I was struck by an illustration he gave.

Jeremiah 29 – the captives who were carried away to Babylon wanted to remain separate, stay outside of Babylon and remain pure. The Babylonians wanted the exiles to come into the city, to assimilate, lose their cultural identity and become like the Babylonians.
But God told them thru Jeremiah that He wanted them to do the hardest thing possible. Don’t stay out and be different, don’t go in and become like them, but go deeply in and stay very different.

This is exactly what we are told in 1 Peter chapter 2. Seek the welfare of the city, pray for peace, submit to the governors, but remain different. Abstain from fleshly lust… having your conduct honorable, that God may be Glorified.

We need to follow these principle, as even Christ was our example. Loving even our enemies, serving, giving and at the same time preaching and teaching the Gospel. Loving our neighbors, pouring ourselves out for them, but also telling them they are going to hell without Christ because of their sin and God’s wrath. How can I do a better job being both prophetic and priestly?

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