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The Edge – and falling off

Media - by - October 1, 2007 - 22:12 Etc/GMT+5 - 2 Comments

Tech and Ministry

I am continually amazed at how technology can be used for ministry and the opportunities that are available to us. The high-tech tools are used in many different ways, influencing the art, the distribution, the atmosphere and the administration of our ministry.

Technology has allowed artists to create and display their works in new and exciting ways. This is true for the artistic side of the media ministry also – from layouts to creating cover art or backgrounds. We use computers and software to quickly do what hand drawings, scissors, glue and a room full of copy-artists were required to do just a few years ago. Technology has also allowed new forms of art to be created that were not available even 10 years ago.

Technology has expanded the reach of our ministry. No longer are we limited by how fast the mail can travel or how long it takes to drive to church, but now someone on the other side of the globe can instantly receive resources from our church, including the sermon in real time.

Technology allows us to shape and mold the atmosphere where we gather to worship, and change it quickly and easily. Lighting, sound, projection, HVAC, inexpensive decor pieces and other items allow us to create a changing atmosphere that can flow with our corporate worship allowing us to focus and help eliminate distractions.

Technology allows us to quickly communicate with our team, coordinating our ever busier schedules and work together without ever having to actually see each other.

Technology is also responsible for some of the problems that require these high-tech solutions.

  • Has modern technology lowered our standard of “good art” by enabling “fast art” by anyone?
  • Has it created the requirement for us to broadcast our services live so our members can watch it because this technology requires business trips?
  • Have we become so distracted by the glitz and flash around us that we need help focusing to worship?
  • Does technology limit our personal interactions by keeping us busy in-front of our screens?

So in the end, is this tech revolution good or bad?


  1. Juan Sanchez says:


    Great thoughts! I greatly appreciate your leadership on our media team.


  2. Juan Sanchez says:


    Great post! I really appreciate your leadership on our media team. Keep up the great work!


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