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The Little Thing that didn’t get Done

Excellence in the Arts, Media - by - November 26, 2007 - 18:07 Etc/GMT+5 - Be first to Comment!

missing the details
there is so much to do and so little time to do it how is it all to get done the answer of course is some of it will not get done because there is always more to do that time and resources to do so what is important how do we decide what what to stay late and finish verses what gets left for some other time or possible not finished at all what about the items that get forgotten
often the highest priorities are those which squeak the loudest or those that are most obvious then come the times that are most important to the people who are available to work if there is time left the easy to know off the list items get done but what does that leave usually the maintenance and prevention items those to dos that may not get noticed right now but when they pile up and dont get done over time major problems can happen projectors dying in the middle of services system failures equipment that will not turn on and even safety issues
the point is that often the weekly to dos that dont get done are important and should have been done because they didnt get finished we end up having problems that stress people out and can cause interruptions to the services
how can we prevent this and make sure these things are taken care of first and foremost it will require more help from those of you who haven’t made it to a worknight in a while if everyone would make it to at least one worknight or alternate time every month we would be able to get our weekly chore list done without stressing out our families and spouses and without so much of the burden on the few who tend to carry most of the load
with the christmas musical just around the corner, there is more to do than normal and some of it is urgent if you have been able to follow this article even with the missing details such as punctuation and capitalization i hope you realize the importance of the little details. if you havent been able to follow well were praying for you

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