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Media - by - January 14, 2008 - 19:52 Etc/GMT+5 - Be first to Comment!

What’s Up?

These are the projects that the media team is currently working on:

Network and server move. You have seen it on the list forever, progress has been slow, but we are starting to make some headway. All the routers and switches are in place, and the media server has already been relocated. We now are programing the network gear so we can move the rest of the servers to the new server closet. We still need to set up the DSL & AP at the JC building and get the vpn established.

On stage cables and power. In an effort to be more flexible but also clean up some of the mess on stage, we are starting a few new projects upfront. We will install more power outlets and a breaker box under the stage so we have plenty of power for lighting without worrying what outlets are shared with other areas of the building. We will also install 4 more cable access holes in the stage to help reduce the number of cables running across the choir loft. Finally, we will install a speaker patch bay at the amp rack to make it easier to plug speakers into the closest jack instead of running cables back and forth across the stage.

Media Room Remodel. No, we are not starting again, just still working on finishing. We still need to build an island counter to replace the card table the Petersons have loaned us for the last year. We will also be installing task lighting on dimmers to better help control the light levels in the media room and get light where we need it. We have some cabinets that need finished and some painting, and that window at A4V.

Support in Training Rooms / JC. While the Livingston room is fairly set for media, we have a lot of other smaller “venues” that are used for LIFE classes, spanish service and other ministry classes that need to be able to audio / video and even lighting. We would like to install audio / video systems similar to what is in the choir room in the east training room, CC room and at the JC campus, while making them easier to use and maintain.

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