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Technology in Ministry (Part 1)

Media, Technology - by - September 25, 2009 - 17:03 Etc/GMT+5 - 1 Comment

When discussing Media Ministry, we often get hung up on how to use technology and media better in our worship services, which is a very limited part of our life as a Christian.  Each media / tech ministry has slightly different missions & goals, but in general we seek to help others minister through the use of technology and media, to spread the gospel beyond our abilities to do so in person and to lift up Christ in the arts and creativity.  So let’s step outside the box of the worship center and look at, how a church can use technology outside the worship services and how our media ministries can support those endeavors. 

Look around at what your church is doing – there are plenty of opportunities to better use media and technology to support about aspect of church life.  Most of us have already started to use the internet through our websites and possibly media streaming, but there are still many untapped tools in cyberspace.  How can we better support the small group ministries?  What about around the church building – digital signs, informational displays, sign-up kiosk, welcome centers?  How can media and technology ministry help the church body better communicate, both internal and to our communities where we serve?  In what ways can the technical ministries become an outreach directly to those around us?

Gather a small group together and ask these question, start brainstorming how your team can use the tools you have to improve ministry, extend ministry and expand ministry.  Look around when you are out and about and see how people and businesses are using media and technology and see if there is something you can take back to your ministry and effectively use their ideas.  Companies spend a lot of money researching what works and what doesn’t in advertising, which is really just communicating their message to people; how can you use their research to improve your communication?

To keep this manageable, I will continue to address these thoughts over several upcoming blog post, so stay tuned.  If you have a cool idea or story about how your church used media and technology, please comment and share.


  1. Amy says:

    I love when I can sign my kids up for VBS online. I loved it even more when I signed them up for VBS at Calvary Chapel this summer, paid them a fee to cover their materials for the week, and when I showed up– they had me in their computer right there at the door and printed up nametags for the kids with matching numbers for me to use to retrieve the kids! I discovered the same computer nametag system is in place at Gateway church. Nice.

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