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Doing It Old School

Media - by - October 26, 2009 - 16:03 Etc/GMT+5 - Be first to Comment!

Keep it Simple

Sometimes we get so caught up in the latest gadget or what tool we need to accomplish whatever it is we are trying to do that we miss seeing other ways of accomplishing the task. You have a screw to remove and no screw-driver? What about those vise-grips in you hand?

Other times we have a problem and we go diving in looking for the solution in deep inside the equipment when we should have checked the power cord first. Twice this weekend I was guilty of looking too hard for the solution.
First, as service was about to start, we realized we didn’t have audio going out to the web / hall speakers / recorders! So I jump in behind the equipment, start plugging and unplugging cables, trying different adapters, tracing cables trying to figure out where the problem is. After two or three minutes of this, it hit me – Is the Volume control turned up? Sure enough, it is up, but not enough…. crank it up, and we got sound!
The second time this got me I will claim that I was just too tired. We were working on the web server, changing some addressing, and all of a sudden we were not able to connect to the server. Once again, we dive in deep, command line style. Check this, check that, restart this service, can we connect here or there or ? After giving up on it and calling it a night, I get to the office the next morning and start looking at the problem again – oh, there it is, we had the network plugged into the wrong jack, wrong network. Yup, that helps.

All this comes back to remembering the simple things, start at the top and work your way down, use the resources available too you and think outside the box to find the solution. I think more than anything, this defines “Doing it Old School”, something we forget about with all the technology and tools we have available to us today. Sometimes a little knowledge and experience or “chops” will get you a lot further than any tool or piece of software will.

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