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Media - by - February 18, 2008 - 21:54 Etc/GMT+5 - Be first to Comment!

Old and New Ideas

The media ministry has plenty of short term and on-going projects already, but I think it is time to resurrect a couple of good projects that have fallen thru the cracks of busyness. A few new ideas have also been brought up that are working their way into our schedule.

Production Chat. At one time we were set up to use an in-house IM / Chat setup to communicate between different areas during the service, but our license for the software expired and we never replaced it. Now there are several options for free chat, including some that we could still host from in-house servers. This is useful to communicate cue changes and other information during the service without talking on an intercom, especially when in the sanctuary. We may even be able to use this for the “electronic tech-sheets” project also to easily communicate the order of service live.
Computer Audio Playback. We were set up to playback tracks and pre-service music from the computer once-upon a time, and we need to get back to that point. This will allow us to edit / trim / conform audio tracks before playing them in the service and set up playlist of pre-service music. This would allow us to eliminate the “split-trac” problems and help us rehearse with the same track we use for the performance.

Media Systems in the Training Rooms. This is a project we have been talking about for a while, but the time is here to start doing something about it. The goal is to have each classroom or training room setup with a small, easy to operate system, including a couple wireless microphones (handheld and lapel / headset), CD/DVD player, VHS (also used to tune in the service for overflow), laptop / computer input (Audio and Video), a simple switcher / scalar, a small mixer / amplifier, speakers and a projector / screen or other display. The Choir room is already setup this way, we are ready to get the Livingston room set up next, then the CC room and the East training rooms. Later in the year we will get the JC building and the prayer room set up also.

Voiceover Booth Improvements. The VO booth (okay, hallway) has been very useful for several projects lately, but we are finding a few shortcomings that need to be fixed. The VO booth needs better acoustical treatment to make the recordings more consistent, less dependent on setup. The booth also needs better isolation from the outside world, including sweeps and weatherstrips and possible a door modification.

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