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How Do You Get Your CAST?

Cool Products, Media, Technology - by - June 28, 2007 - 17:56 Etc/GMT+5 - Be first to Comment!

Cast? What Cast?
podcast, vodcast, RSS feeds of various types – See, I ask because I know that a majority of you still just read what you want, when you want it using your web-browser. I have recently converted myself from one who just checked in when I felt like it, to one who subscribes to the feeds.

I resisted the movement for a long time – I figured the fad would pass, it was just a waste of time, I really didn’t need it, would not use it. Boy was I wrong. Everyone is blogging and podcasting. I even have heard that some church staff members are creating internal podcast just for their team members to improve communication. Now there is a thought – where is my microphone?

So what am I using?

  • iTunes for all the media content feeds (podcast / vodcast)
  • Vienna for all the blogs and news related feeds

It is nice to always have media I want to listen to ready on my iPod, and when I just have a minute and want to catch up on new, open Vienna and see what the latest is at all the sites I like to visit.

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