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Media Ministry Participation in Baptisms

The last baptism we did caught us a little off guard and a little rusty remembering all that we were suppose to do. As we see Christ working and changing lives here at High Pointe, we need to prepare to do our part and even look for ways to improve how we support more baptisms as a media ministry.

The Testimony. We have found that video-taping the testimony of those who are to be baptized, editing it and showing right before the baptism is a great way to share what the Lord is doing, encourage the congregation with the testimony of changed lives and witness to the unsaved, all within an individual’s public profession thru baptism. The time spent taping these interviews is a sweet time of fellowship, and a huge encouragement, and I would encourage you to try and help whenever possible. We need to work on efficiency in editing these videos, and our setup to clean up the green-screen artifacts.

The Baptism. For the baptism service the media team plays a couple key roles – playback on the testimony video, turning on the lights so people can see the baptism, magnifying the image of the baptism thru IMAG and turning up the sound so the congregation can hear the testimony and baptism. We also provide the live web-stream of the service, which allows the baptism candidates to invite their family and friends who can’t make it to the service to attend remotely via the web. The smoother we can provide these services, the more attention is focused on the testimony and baptism, less on the technology. Cue to Cue timing and synchronization of lights, video and sound all need to be planned and rehearsed to provide the best support possible. One area we have had problems with, especially the last baptism, was getting good camera angles for IMAG and webcast / recording of the baptism. We need to look at what POV shots or alternate camera positions are available to use, and work on the timing of the IMAG transitions.

The Support. The third area of participation is in the post-baptism support the media team can provide. We provide a DVD of the service to those who were baptized and we provide the video of the baptism and testimony on the website so that those who were baptized can share that proclamation of faith with their friends and loved ones. One area of improvement here might be to make a separate index and media links to the baptism videos available on our website.

This video from Mars Hill Church of their Easter Sunday baptism service is an example of some different shots / transitions that could be used for baptism.
http://tinyurl.com/6kmat9 (mp4 download, 6 min long)

Or the full versions of all their baptism services here:

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