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So what is Foldback?

Foldback - by - May 19, 2008 - 17:33 Etc/GMT+5 - Be first to Comment!

Okay, so I jumped in and never really explained what “Foldback” is or what I am doing with it here.

First, a quick bit of history. Back in the dark ages of audio reinforcement, one of the cheapest audio consoles (mixing boards) that was available was the Yamaha MC series. Several churches I worked with back then had these consoles (8, 12 or 16 channels), so I was fairly familiar with them. Yamaha used the term Foldback for the stage monitor sends, but very few other manufactures use that terminology. The idea is that you are folding back some of the audio from the musicians back to them so they can hear what they are doing.

So the idea of my “foldback” for my blog is to fold back some comments, observations and planning information to those who served on the media team for the weekend that we might all grow in excellence in our service of worship. All this to further our purpose to glorify Christ, help spread the gospel and provide tools of training and encouragement for the church.

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