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Where are all the Post?

family, Media - by - September 2, 2008 - 19:37 Etc/GMT+5 - 2 Comments

Some of you might be wondering if this has just turned into a blog about what worked and what didn’t for our Sunday services – Hopefully not. I have had a lot of good intentions about blogging ideas here, and the weekly Foldback article should just be one of many blog post, but, as with many of you, I have been extremely busy lately. So I have several partial blog post started, that I might remember my ideas later, but no time to finish.

So what has me so busy? I have been having a lot of fun lately. As many of your know I am on staff at High Pointe Baptist Church full time, and the media ministry is always growing and expanding, requiring care and feeding. But above and beyond of that I am also a Church Media Consultant for other churches and companies, and lately that has also been a full time job. In the midst of they two full time jobs, I have also started making a more purposeful effort to be a better dad and husband and make good quality time for my family.

The family requires a lot of direction and planning, and my wife does a great job of helping hold everything together, getting kids to their appointments and practices on time, making sure we are all fed and clothed and general managing a large family, and I am very grateful for all she does. I won’t go into great detail about all that is going on there, as she also manages to keep her blog and facebook page well updated with all that is going on, and I would just be repeating a lot of what she has already said. But let’s say between school, football, soccer, scouts, youth, media, orthodontics, dentist, doctors, etc, etc, etc, we have been running all the time. And let’s not even talk about our remodeling projects!

On the consultant side of things I have been working on several really cool projects and several other projects are in the wings. We just finished helping The Father’s House in Vacaville CA with a new speaker system based around JBL line arrays and Bag End subs. This church knows how to ROCK and the system performed showcases their sound extremely well. Currently I am working on audio system design for 3 rooms in a childrens space expansion at a church in Kansas City (and these rooms have more AVL (audio / video / lighting) than many churches!) I am also picking back up a project that’s been on hold for a while in Oak Harbor, WA, reviewing and finishing the design work for audio and acoustics in their sanctuary and youth dome.

Then there is the ever growing list of media work at High Pointe. Last month our focus was on lighting in the Sanctuary and we were able to do many, but not all the repairs and mantainence needed in there. This month our focus is re-vamping the Livingston Training Room Audio and Lighting, and preparing the other training rooms for overflow and presentation needs.

So there is my excuse….. but I will try to be a little more faithful in getting other blog post and updates worked in here.


  1. Anonymous says:

    sweet. I love what you do. I have a question. I am a church planter in ohio and we are about to lease a ware-house type building that will probably seat 300. I don’t want to get FANCY, but we do need to be seen and heard.

    Is there a BASIC audio/video package that you have come to recommend over the years of your experience. Is there a one stop shop service/store that you might point me towards that coveres basic things like:
    Speakers, monitors, Sub,
    Handheld mics, countrymans,
    Projectors, screens,
    Actual stage platforms (we have a warehouse–no stage yet) and curtains to make the backdrop look professional and basic lighting (some “up lighting” for the curtain) and other color washes for the main stage illumination. Again, nothing fancy, just a starter set. Do you have ANY advice???
    adammetzger at juno dot come

  2. Media Arts Dad says:

    somehow I think I totally missed your comment on my blog post and questions you posted back in October – Please forgive me!

    If you are still looking for help, I can strongly recommend Stark Raving Solutions (www.starkravingsolutions.com) – I have partnered with them on several projects, and I think they can help you get what you need. Give Justin a call at 208-888-4410 or drop him an email at justin at starkravingsolutions -dot- com if you need anything. They can help from gear purchase right through full turnkey design and installation of audio / video / lighting / acoustics systems.

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