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Church Sound Basic Training – Audio Workshop – Austin Texas

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Stark Raving Solutions and
Essentric Audio Productions


Church Sound Basic Training

a soundbooth.org Audio Workshop


Date: February 19-20th, 2010

Location: Tree of Life Church
16108 Yellow Sage Street
Pflugerville, TX 78660-2503

Cost: $245 / Person
*Early Bird and Group Discounts (3+) available

Information and Registration: http://austinchurchsound2010.eventbrite.com/

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Nov 14 2009 Church Audio Workshop

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austinTech.org church audio basics workshop that I will be leading – if you are in the Austin area and interested in attending, here are the details, and if you don’t know about austinTech.org, head over to the site and check it out.

Workshop Details:

When: 9:30AM to 12:30PM, Saturday, November 14th, 2009

Where: At High Pointe Baptist Church, 12030 Dessau Rd, Austin, Texas.  We will be meeting in the choir room. CLICK HERE FOR A MAP

What: This class is the perfect overview of audio systems for new team members, as well as a way for existing team members to get a better understanding of the overall operation of sound systems.  Topics covered include: Components of a sound system, Signal and Connector types, Hooking it all up, Basic Operation.  Our conversation will be somewhat driven by your questions, so come ready to participate.

Cost: It is free of charge

Please RSVP if possible to jeff@soundbooth.org. Space is somewhat limited, we want to make sure we have a spot for everyone who wants to participate.

Thinking of Church Planting?

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An excellent Resource for those who are interested in church planting or who would like to know more about it:

(full size part 1 video and the other five videos are linked below – audio also available)

1) http://theresurgence.com/the-calling-of-the-planter-video
2) http://theresurgence.com/Great-Commision-Call-to-Plant-Churches-video
3) http://theresurgence.com/Chandler-The-Call-to-Preach-video
4) http://theresurgence.com/Smyth-The-Call-to-Proclaim-the-Gospel-video
5) http://theresurgence.com/Bruskas-Your-Vision-is-Too-Small-video
6) http://theresurgence.com/Driscoll-Main-Session-6-video

Turn it Down! (Managing Stage Volume, part 4)

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What is the solution to the problem of too high of a sound level on the stage? “Turn it down” of course. We all know that is easier said than done in reality, and have already looked at some of the reasons why.  The next step then is to start working through these issues and “turning down” the volume. Full Story

Changes, New Sites, New Info

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As part of our ongoing upgrade, we have completed another set of changes in some of the websites related to this blog (mediaartsdad.com), the High Pointe media ministry and where you can expect what information to show up. Full Story

Personalities and their Preferences (Managing Stage Volume, part 3)

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“My bass amp goes to 11 and it sounds best there.”

The truth of the matter is music, what makes a good mix and what sounds good are all subjective and relative to both the context and personal opinion of those listening. Full Story

The Soundcraft Guide to Mixing

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A video tutorial on mixing live sound for music performances, aimed at beginners in the art. (18 Videos)

This is the first video, click below for a link to the whole video series.  This is the basics, but there is a lot of good information in the series.  The videos are each fairly short so it goes quickly – I would recommend watching them no matter how long you have been mixing.


What should the stage dB be? (Managing Stage Volume part 2)

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“Should we have it at 95dB?” “They put it at 95 but that’s too loud.” “85?” “You should have heard them rockin, they pushed it to 105 the whole time.” “Where should we have it?” Full Story

Managing Stage Volume Levels

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At Infocomm09 last week, I had the privilege of teaching a session titled Managing Stage Volumes for Technology for Worship Magazine. In that session I addressed this issue experienced universally- the stage that is too loud.

Too loud on the stage cannot be measured in dB. What’s too loud for one person is fine for another- and most often musicians ask for “more.” Generally, it’s understood that feedback is what happens if the stage is too loud (although that’s not an accurate understanding). The true problem with a loud stage is ambient bleed which means a muddy house mix, and another problem- something not always considered- is hearing damage. Usually communication and education with the proper application of technology can manage stage volumes nicely.

I will try and address these thoughts over a couple upcoming blog post – (see links below)

What should the stage dB be? (Managing Stage Volume part 2) – Click Here

Getting and Training Media Volunteers

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Do you have a pre-screening type of method? In the past we have taken anyone who has been willing to volunteer. This has given us poor results. We found that willing does not mean capable even after training has been given. Seems the recruits need to possess certain natural abilities. More than willingness, faithfulness is very important. Musical ability is very helpful. The best screening that I have found is to recruit for several positions (sound, projection and setup/tear down crew for example), then as you work with the people find where they will fit best. If one has good ears and good technical chops and always show up, it’s a soundtech. Another is extremely faithful but hard of hearing, projection. A third is strong and reliable…. a perfect help for the setup crew. Once we have a group who has responded to recruiting efforts, we have a better indication of what type of training would suit our group.

We just did a recruitment drive at High Pointe this winter. We placed the following in the bulletin:
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