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Love Came Down

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Sweet music video – but simple enough for anyone to use the idea:

(from Brian Johnson – whole album here)

re-train our mind

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At the Verge 10 conference we were introduced to each main session by a very creative video featuring Alan Hirsch introducing the topic. Besides incredible content in the videos, I was impressed by how easy we can be trained to read from right to left, bottom to top, randomly, etc while watching the videos. And even more, how easy it is to catch pieces of words, fast moving word and silly phrases while we are exposed to the content in multiple media (video, text, sound, lighting) at the same time. How often do we limit ourselves based on what is normal for us when we could be more creative, produce pieces that would inspire, hold the audience attention and get the message across in a memorable way?  How can you make your next video better?
[Sorry, the original video has been removed – I will update this when it becomes available again, but here is somebody’s cell phone version.]

(photo by Verge photography team)

Big Red Tractor

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[sorry, the owner of the video has taken it off line – Here is a link to a youtube recording of it]

The Big Red Tractor from Jacob Lewis on Vimeo.

1st weeks announcement

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A follow up to the previous video post:

8B4 :: Jan. 24, 2010 from Gateway Church on Vimeo.

A new take on Video Announcements

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8B4 – gatewaychurch.com

8B4 Jan. 17 2010 from Gateway Church on Vimeo.

Outside the Norm: Special Productions

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Any time of the year, your tech team is busy planning on, preparing for or producing an extra service.  Easter and Christmas tend to be the first bigger productions a tech team will have on a schedule, but the calendar is full of events that are outside of the normal weekly worship.  Concerts, outreaches, conferences, VBS, holidays, awards, celebrations and facility rentals; each of these events requires additional planning, preparation, equipment, and crew.  How can your creative, tech and media teams support these events, make them extraordinary, and yet endure well on the week to week support of the ministry? As a Media Ministry, we’ll define the purpose, put proper time into planning, and then systematically check each medium in place to support the event. Full Story

Too much time on the computer

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We all occasionally have issues with our computer system freezing up, and it is no different with our fancy video production computers with which we switch the cameras for the video feed at church.  However, when one of the video computers at church locks up, it tends to affect a lot of people, distracting them or preventing them from participating in the service, so we go to great lengths to make the video computer systems as reliable as possible.
Full Story

The Soundcraft Guide to Mixing

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A video tutorial on mixing live sound for music performances, aimed at beginners in the art. (18 Videos)

This is the first video, click below for a link to the whole video series.  This is the basics, but there is a lot of good information in the series.  The videos are each fairly short so it goes quickly – I would recommend watching them no matter how long you have been mixing.


IMAG strategies, foibles and fumbles

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We have worked hours on producing graphics for a particular moment in a service: an outline, a Scripture, the perfect illustration for a main sermon point. The time comes to put up the graphic, and the computer just won’t cooperate, the wrong button is hit, a popup freezes the screen… there is a fumble and a recovery, and the image is up in all its glory— but the speaker has moved on, and the image is no longer relevant. It distracts. Full Story