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Whatever it Takes

Media - by - October 29, 2007 - 20:45 Etc/GMT+5 - Be first to Comment!

Just Get the Message Out
Why do we have so many technical problems? Recently I was pondering this question while working on a server that, despite all the built in redundancy, crashed taking with it a large part of our media vault. The Answer? Because we have the mindset of “Whatever it takes”, many of our technical difficulties arise from pushing the limits of what the equipment was designed to do.

We don’t have large operating budgets, or even a small IT department. Much of our infrastructure is old or built out of donated and mixed and matched parts. Most of the human resources are volunteers working on their “off” time. Yet we serve-up large quantities of media in a wide variety of formats, host multiple websites located in multiple locations, broadcast our services live world wide using advanced streaming technologies, produce weekly radio programs, multiple video productions per month and weekly services on an on-going and continuous basis.

To support these technical task, the High Pointe media team uses whatever tools and equipment available to them and figures out how to make it do what they need, even if it was not designed to do that. This “Whatever it takes” or MacGyver attitude allows us to reach out with the gospel and the biblical training from inside the walls of our building and distribute it globally. This involves using the resources we have wisely and creatively and looking for ways to do more and do it better.

Oh, and the server? We performed some no-cost upgrades and hope to have it back online soon:

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