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First Impressions

Excellence in the Arts, Media - by - August 13, 2007 - 16:07 Etc/GMT+5 - Be first to Comment!

and Lasting Impressions
We all have heard that First Impressions are important – often the first impression is the one that a guest will take away. As a media team we have several chances to help make good first impressions.
What makes an impression? What makes a good impression? These are questions that we need to answer and seek to improve to the best of our ability.
Why are good first impressions important? The experience of a Sunday worship service is the wrapping on the gospel. The First Impression changes the perspective from which the guest will view everything else they experience. Should we make guests feel comfortable or uneasy? Are we called to hospitality or do we hold more of a fortress mentality?
First contact: What is the first contact a guest might have with our church? The website? The sign at the street? A brochure or outreach packet delivered to their house? The Media Ministry has a part in each of these, how can we make them better?
First time attender: What does it feel like walking up to the building for the first time? What impressions are made as you walk into the Foyer? The Sanctuary? Does the “tech” blend in or does it stand out?
Can we go too far? Yes. When we start worrying more about the first impression than the worship, or the gospel or anything else that is more important, we have then placed too much importance on the external.
Next time you walk into our building take a minute to think about these things. How could we as a media ministry improve our impressions?

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