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Ten steps to Holy Week preparation for the Media Director from a Media Director

Excellence in the Arts, Media - by - March 15, 2011 - 15:36 Etc/GMT+5 - Be first to Comment!

Church bulletins are calling people to the Lenten season of reflection and preparation for Holy Week and the most important Christian holy day, Resurrection Sunday. This season is a time when the technical staff can get stressed out, because we know if anything goes wrong, everyone will look at us.
Prepare through Lent for a smooth Easter Celebration keeping in mind your responsibilities to worship the Lord, love people and use things.
  1. Give yourself time each day for your own reflection and prayer. A healthy team has a healthy leader.
  2. Communicate closely and often with the programming directors, worship leaders, and pastors so you don’t surprise them and they don’t surprise you.
  3. Keep a Master Plan- a calendar, time line, roster of people and room and equipment lists. Carefully watch your schedule for yourself, your team, your equipment and your spaces by reviewing your plan daily.
  4. Communicate with your team to plan out exactly how you are going to accomplish all the special changes and additions for Easter so they don’t become a last minute rush and stress.
  5. Reserve rentals with payment setup, pickup or delivery schedule worked out.  Nothing worse than a piece of equipment or tool you are needing not being available when you were counting on it.
  6. Stage design done and signed off by leadership, all tech areas, worship teams, building crews, church admin assistants and everyone else. Props and scenic items on hand and volunteers scheduled to build and install sets.
  7. Design for print media such as posters, mailers, bulletins sent to printers with enough time to proof, update and reprint if necessary.
  8. Check your preventative maintenance schedule. Projector filters cleaned, theatrical lighting gels replaced, equipment cleaned, bad cords fixed or replaced, windscreens cleaned, software updates applied, lamps checked, replaced and focused as needed?  Reduce the risk of equipment failure.
  9. Take inventory and organize your supplies, making purchases as needed – batteries, tape, markers, recording media, lamps, gels – so that you do not waste valuable time running out of things. Clean and de-clutter!  A place for everything and everything in its place. Production will go smoother with fewer frustrations.
  10. Spend plenty of time learning, exploring, using and truly understanding any new equipment, software, plug-ins or techniques BEFORE the big event.  Know the proper applications and limitations of your tools before you need them.
The forty days of Lent are for the technical team to prepare not only their hearts, but their equipment and processes, to ensure a stress-free and smooth Resurrection Celebration.

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