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Work is Good

Excellence in the Arts, Media - by - August 21, 2007 - 00:59 Etc/GMT+5 - Be first to Comment!

Remembering what this is all about
Sometimes we all start to feel overwhelmed in life by how much needs to be done, burned out by doing too much and generally depressed by the slow progress. Lately this condition has weighed heavily upon many in our ministry, so lets step back and remind ourselves what this is all about.

Why do we “DO” media? This is a conversation that I have often with people, and one that we have discussed here in the past, so we can keep this point short. First, media is the communication tool we can use to preach the Gospel, to distribute teaching and training to the believers and to encourage and build one-another up (1Thess 5:11.) Second, media is a creative expression of our worship. We were created by the Creator as creative creatures in His image, so it only makes sense that we creatively crave to create.

I was reminded this morning during my quiet time that the work is actually good for us. As we were created to be creative, we were also created for good works, to worship the Father in service to Him. Often work becomes tedious or burdensome because we lose sight of why we do it, or because we do it for the wrong reasons. Could it be that the “media ministry” has become overwhelming because we stray off course? Are we in it for the cool technology, or to hide out from “real church”? Are we getting distracted by good deeds that are not part of our ministry goals? Are we trying too hard to do “it” because we can? (whatever “it” may be.) Each one of us has to examine our own hearts, our own motives and answer that question.

So is there a lot to do? yes. Will we ever catch up? probably not. Is it fun? sometimes. Is it worth it? He is worth it.

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