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Paperless Boarding Pass

Cool Products, Life - by - February 26, 2009 - 21:42 Etc/GMT+5 - 1 Comment

Loving the “Paperless” mobile boarding passes on Continental (more info here) and have learned a few tips.
1) they are a pain to pull up live off the web when you are traveling – much easier to load them in your browser (on your phone / pda) ahead of time and take a picture or snap-shot of that webpage (or save it to a file), and then just load that picture when you get to the gate.
2) Don’t zoom in too much when you put your phone under the scanner – they seem to work best small -like what is shown in the picture to the side. I usually just zoom in enough to see the traveler info (name / conf number – it makes it easier to get thru security) and this seems to work best at the gate scanners.
3) the one thing I don’t like is sending my phone thru the security x-ray by itself. I wish they would figure out a way to scan it at the metal detectors before I put the rest of my bags thru.
4) if you have a baggage attendant help you at the counter, you have to tell them NOT to print your boarding pass, otherwise they will.


  1. Media Arts Dad says:

    Learned one more thing this trip -the scanner has a lot easier time reading it if there is not a cover over the screen of your phone…. Or you can just tell the gate agent the sequence number and they are good with that.

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