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Too much time on the computer

Excellence in the Arts - by - August 3, 2009 - 18:01 Etc/GMT+5 - 1 Comment

We all occasionally have issues with our computer system freezing up, and it is no different with our fancy video production computers with which we switch the cameras for the video feed at church.  However, when one of the video computers at church locks up, it tends to affect a lot of people, distracting them or preventing them from participating in the service, so we go to great lengths to make the video computer systems as reliable as possible.

This past weekend as we were starting out Sunday morning service, I was on the platform working the monitor console when I hear the video director across the intercom “Oh NO, it’s froze up again!!”  I quickly look up across the platform at our Elder (Delmar) who is reading the call to worship and don’t see any movement – my mind immediately things “Oh no, Delmar’s LOCKED UP”…. a few quick moments later realizing he has paused for a second and this is real life; I’m not staring at a computer screen.

Are we getting too used to our computers that we are losing context between what is on our display and what is in the room with us?  At least I didn’t shout something about rebooting Delmar – but it sure made me pay more attention to all my senses during the rest of the service.


  1. Delmar Hager says:

    Yes we have this perception that all available time must be taken up. There is no time for pauses. A pause is a very effective means of communication. To bad our computer senses cause us to forget about a pause.

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