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Media - by - September 11, 2007 - 01:31 Etc/GMT+5 - Be first to Comment!

Making it stick
I am not a marketing expert, but I have learned a few things about effective marketing over the years. One element of the marketing trade is branding – that is, making an association between a product or service and a logo / slogan / identity. The purpose is to make the product or service more recognizable and memorable, usually to get you to buy it more often.

Where does this branding fit in with our media ministry? While we are not out to sell anything, we are trying to make a message more memorable, and branding the media is one way to accomplish this. We also work on promoting worship series, classes, ministries, events and even our church, all of which can benefit from a “brand” recognition.

Branding message series helps create a whole out of the parts. It ties them together and helps connect the pieces in our mind. This includes media covers, bumper, flyers, posters, fonts and even the worship song backgrounds. In the future this may include the “feel” of the services – lighting, room decor, color schemes, screen elements, foyer layout and many other components.

Branding our media ministry also gives us a method of reminding people of the resources that we make available. By having our media logo on everything we “produce” it reminds people that there is more than just this one item they are holding available. It also serves as advertising for our team, reminding people that someone put this media together. This can help us recruit new team members among other things.

It is important that once a brand has been established to stick with it and use it faithfully and repeatedly. Corporations understand this and spend large amounts promoting and protecting their brands. For us this means making sure all of our media has our team logo on it. For worship series we need to remember our theme and stick to it (graphics, looks, feel). Finally, we need to look for ways to brand and market more effectively.

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