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Always Stepping Back

Media - by - February 4, 2008 - 20:16 Etc/GMT+5 - Be first to Comment!

Why would we want that? Why do we do it this way? Questions others ask me, and honestly, questions I ask myself when we look at how media is made and our motivation behind what we are doing. It is good to step back on a regular basis and question the motivations and methods of what we are doing and look at the possibilities of what we could or should be doing.

Being a media ministry, we need to check our motivation against God’s word. In general, our motivation is to get the Word out to the whole world. Check, I think that passes the test. But more specifically, our motivation is to support other ministries in their outreach, to support the preaching of the Word and to work as a body to carry the Word to the ends of the earth. So how does that trickle down to each thing we do? That is something for each of us to sit back and think about for a few minutes.

We also need to be on guard – we can easily talk ourselves into believing that what ever we are doing fits into this motivation. But when we start looking at each and every little project, we might find that some are just pet projects, not true ministry.

Now for the fun part – the methods. Are our processes and the daily and weekly task of our ministry the most effective and efficient means to meet our goals? What changes would help us be more effective? What processes are good and should not change. Are we too conditioned to think of efficiency in terms of money and budgets and not what time and other resources we have available? For example, is it better to save a couple thousand dollars and build our own server, or purchase a ready made, proven and warranty supported server? If you have plenty of computer technicians with time on their hands, maybe building your own server is the way to go. But if building and supporting a server is going to take resources away from distributing media and improving communication to the body, is it worth saving that $2000?

In our ministry I think we have become very efficient in the basic service support and distributing those services. However, I see a need for improvement in our production and post production processes for service media (video testimonies, bumpers, announcements). There is also a need to establish and better support media usage outside of the services.

What are your thoughts?

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